Bayern Munich – Benfica. Maxim Kalinichenko’s forecast

On the one hand, it is obvious that Bayern are the favorites and must win. You can take and put a lot on a clear Go to Casino X and play online with bonus 200 freespins after registation. victory for Bayern, why not? Take $ 1000 and bet – you win $ 200. I personally have no doubts about Bayern’s victory. But I would not say that Bayern is very good now. She has a lot of victories with a minimal advantage. Another thing is that many important players did not play in the match with Eintracht Frankfurt for Bayern, rested after the national team games. All of them will of course come out on Tuesday. It will be tough for Benfica, very tough. Yes, she beat Braga 5: 1 in the league, but this is Bayern, and even away.

I was thinking what an interesting bet to offer … I didn’t think of anything better than “Bayern win and both teams will score”. Bayern still have problems defensively, there is no stability in the squad. And Benfica shows in every match that they can score. I think if she is able to shoot, score in one of the counterattacks. But this will not help her even to play a draw. Bayern are simply much stronger, their roster is more powerful.

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